Descendants of Willem I the Silent van Oranje





Only to the 12th generation.

Total: 4,534 persons (spouses not included).

Willem I le Taciturne van Oranje-Nassau, born on 24 April 1533, au Château de Dillenburg, died on 10 July 1584, Delft, buried - Nieuwe Kerk, Delft (age at death: 51 years old).
Married in 1551 to
Anne d'Egmont, born in 1533, died in 1558 (age at death: 25 years old), with

Married in 1561 to Anna von Sachsen, born in 1544, died in 1577 (age at death: 33 years old), with

Married in 1575 to Charlotte de Bourbon-Montpensier, born between 1546 and 1547, died in 1582, Anvers, with