Descendants of Count Alexander II Teleki de Szék




To the 5th generation.

Alexander II, Comte Teleki de Szék 1821-1892 &1856 Johanna-Franziska Harley, Countess of Oxford 1836-1870 &1861 Mathilde, Noble Litez de Tiverval 1836-1910
1. Lászlo, Comte Teleki de Szék 1863-1929 &1892 Anna, Edle von Aubin 1863-1940
1.1. Alexander (Zumi), Comte Teleki de Szék 1893-1955 & Fernanda de Liszt 1896-1961
1.2. Irma, Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1898-1983 &1926 Desiderius, Baron Bánffy de Losoncz 1900-1939
2. János V, Comte Teleki de Szék 1868-1937 & Gabriella (Ella), Nemes Damokos de Alsó-Csernáton 1873-1938
2.1. János VI, Comte Teleki de Szék 1893-1946 &1919 Mártha, Nemes Fernbach de Apatin 1897-1979
2.1.1. Karl-Johann, Comte Teleki de Szék 1920- &1944 Ilona Somogyi de Somogyvár, Dame de Palin 1924- Karl, Comte Teleki de Szék 1945-1953 Nikolaus (Miki), Comte Teleki de Szék 1947-1986 &1973 Gisela Hollatz 1945- Nikolas, Comte Teleki de Szék 1974- Stephan, Comte Teleki de Szék 1975- Alexandra, Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1984- Elena Maria, Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1949- &1973 Andreas von Wernitz zu Salm-Kyrburg, Herzog von Hornes (Duque de Hornes) 1944- Andrés Carlos, Barón von Wernitz 1976- Elena Alejandra, Baronesse von Wernitz 1977- Gabriela Patricia, Baronesse von Wernitz 1981-
2.2. István, Comte Teleki de Szék 1896-1962 &1919 Eleonora (Nóra), Nemes Fernbach de Apatin 1899-1996
2.2.1. Eleonora (Nóci), Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1920- &1939 Alfons, Comte Bolza 1918- Elizabeth, Comtesse Bolza 1940- & Douglas B. Wood 1940- Frederick, Comte Bolza 1941- &1969 Helen Kofoed 1944- Elise, Countes Bolza 1971- Justina, Countes Bolza 1973- Marianne, Comtesse Bolza 1943- &1969 John Malcolm McKenzie 1944- Helen, Comtesse Bolza &1968 Jeffrey Thomas Burman 1945- Joseph, Comte Bolza 1946-
2.3. Margit, Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1902-1962 &1922 Dezsö Bánffy, Baron Bánffy de Losoncz 1900-1939 &1924 Miklos, Edler Torma de Csicso-Keresztúr 1902-1954 &1936 Paul, Edler Temesváry de Zakany 1892-1970
2.4. Gabriella (Ella), Comtesse Teleki de Szék 1904-1982 &1924 Erwin Vladár, Edler Vladár de Mutthna et Nagaycsepcsény 1897-1984
2.5. Ferenc, Comte Teleki de Szék 1913-1944 &1934 Felicitas Mandi 1914-1939 & Katherin, Edle Jéger de Apáti 1916-1992
2.5.1. János, Comte Teleki de Szék 1936- &1961 Maria Vera Palatinus 1939- &1984 Éva Bohuny 1951- &1996 Hajnal Hitter 1976- Sándor, Comte Teleki de Szék 1965- &1989 Györgyi Petrovic 1966- Norbert, Comte Teleki de Szék 1990- Richárd, Comte Teleki de Szék 1994- László, Comte Teleki de Szék 1972- András, Comte Teleki de Szék 1985- Gyula, Comte Teleki de Szék 1985- Lóránt, Comte Teleki de Szék 1997-




A romantic figure of the XIXth. century, regarded as a hero by contemporaries in four countires. In his younger years he took part in the Spanish Carlist movement; he was arrested and only saved from death by the intervention of his friend Prince Stefan Lichnowsky. He served on General Bem's staff, with the rank of colonel, in the 1848/49 War of Independence. After the surrender at Világos he was again arrested; but he succeeded in escaping from Arad fortress and fled to Turky. From there he made his way to England, then to France. When Garibaldi started his movement, Teleki hastened to Italy and joined the "Marsala Thousend". The remainig years of his exile were spend at Lucca in Italy, until finally he was pardoned and enabled to return to Hungary.

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